Rain Alarm


Rain won’t catch you by surprise ever again


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Rain Alarm is an app with a pretty self-descriptive name that, sure enough, tells you when the weather forecast calls for rain directly on your cellphone. However, it does so with a silent alarm by defect, letting you know with an animation that appears on your device's screen or with its corresponding widget.

The app uses data from national weather services and is available for the United States, Spain, Argentina, Canada, Australia, Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Norway, Iceland, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Slovenia, and Croatia.

Rain Alarm is especially useful for users who practice outdoor sports, such as biking, climbing, or plain old running, because with this app installed, rain will never again take you by surprise.

Rain Alarm is an easy to use tool that takes up very little space and has a nice interface. Good to have installed at all times, just in case.
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